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Math 260, Spring 2012 Jerry L. Kazdan Class Outline: Jan. 31, 2012 1. Metrics, Norms, and Inner Products. See http://www.math.upenn.edu/ kazdan/260S12/notes/math21/math21-2012-2up.pdf (Math 21 Lecture Notes , Chapter 3, p. 101) http://www.math.upenn.edu/ kazdan/260S12/notes/vectors/vectors6.pdf (Notes
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Unformatted text preview: on inner products) http://www.math.upenn.edu/ ∼ kazdan/260S12/notes/InnerProd-Feb15-11-2up.pdf Example: Fourier Series, and http://www.math.upenn.edu/ ∼ kazdan/260S12/notes/Fourier series example.html (Fourier Series for f ( x ) = x ) [Last revised: February 7, 2012] 1...
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