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cafeteria suggestion

cafeteria suggestion - the scheduled hours are commonly...

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Mrs. McCabe Writing I Cafeteria Suggestion Marist campus has many problems. One issue is the dining hall hours. The dining hall is not open late enough. The dining hall should be open later. The dining hall needs to be open later so the athletes can eat. Athletes have a difficult time getting to the cafeteria because of their practice times. Classes are another reason the dining hall should change the hours because some classes conflict with dinner time. Campus authorities have a different view when evaluating the problem. The authorities would like to keep the current hours so that employees’ wages remain low. They feel that by extending the cafeteria hours money is being wasted that could be spent in other areas of the campus. We understand that the cafeteria hours set by the authorities are suitable for the average student; although, there are many other instances in which the cafeteria hours conflict with students schedules. Students that are unable to access the cafeteria during
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Unformatted text preview: the scheduled hours are commonly forced to eat microwaved food, which is often less nutritious; this is a reason the cafeteria should extend the hours. No one wants to eat microwaved food everyday, and by extending the cafeteria hours this would create a healthier student body that allows students such as athletes along with students in night classes to access the cafeteria. Since more students would be able to access the cafeteria, cafeteria use will become more efficient, and less food will go to waste. The cafeteria hours should be extended so that all students will have time to use the cafeteria, and this will create a healthier environment. We appreciate your willingness to read our position, and we hope you take our view into consideration. We know it will be a difficult task to change the scheduled hours; however, these changes will result in a positive impact on the entire student body....
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