the second part of the exam part 2

the second part of the exam part 2 -...

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English 283 – Prep Sheet for First Test I. Identifications: There will be quotes to identify.  In all cases you will have to identify the work from  which the passage is taken and discuss its significance in relation to main themes of the  course, literary qualities of the language (i.e., imagery, diction, tone, etc.), and/or  character development. If the passage is from a play, you also will have to identify the  speaker and circumstances in which the passage is spoken.   Below are some passages that are particularly relevant.  They will be the source of the  IDs on the test. Passages from  MAAN :  1.1.227-34 Ben on cuckoldry; 2.3, esp. Ben at the beginning and  toward the end; 4.1, esp. Claudio and the Friar.   Sonnets :   15, 18, 29, 60, 98, 116, 130   Passages from  Othello :   1.3, esp. Othello, Desdemona, and Iago as covered in lecture;  2.1, esp. Cassio as covered in class (“divine Desdemona”); 3.3, esp. Desdemona 19-28,  60-74, and Othello’s soliloquy that contains “Haply for I am black…”; 4.3.84-103 Emilia;  5.2.1-21 and 338-56 Othello EMILIA 84-103 translation Yes, a dozen of them—as many as there are women in the world, in fact. But I do think it’s the husband’s fault if we wives cheat on them. For instance, our husbands may stop sleeping with us, and give it out to other women instead. Or they may get insanely jealous, and keep us from going anywhere. Or let’s say they hit us, or cut back on the money they give us out of spite. We have feelings. We may be able to forgive them, but we want to get back at them too. Husbands need to know that their wives are human beings too. They see, smell, and taste
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the second part of the exam part 2 -...

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