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4 IDS AND 1 ESSAY The work that it came from Speaker and who its spoken to Sonnet 130 is spoken to the dark lady, the other ones are geared toward a man inversion of the blazin Know a little bit of context Themes(what themes are here): idea of male bonding, cultry (constant fear that men have of women cheating, and that leads to jelousy) The basic literary (image, diction, and tone) Metaphor example: hero is a rotten orange Simile example: being a couple is LIKE a death Tone: the way it is spoken, the style the speaker is speaking telling you how they are at the moment. Diction: is word choice, words about beauty and nature and why are they using those words. What does the identification mean towards developing in the play Benedict: after he finds out that Beatrice loves him how he changes and grows True and false praise: comes up in Much Ado About nothing, how do you know htat someone is just being so false or asctually doing this prase is in good intent. Sonnets: neoplotonic=heavily ideal form, and everything on earth is based off of that.
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Unformatted text preview: “Blazin”=poem is an over exaggeration and proclamation of love Talking about Othello: Why is IAGO doing what he is doing: hes jelous of Othello, Othello has everything that iaago wwants, and iago didn’t get promoted in the military and that one of the reasons, and that Othello slept with Ameilia and that was a claim of Iago. Iago and jelousy and plants that in Othellos head: makes it seem that casio has feelings toward Desdemona because of the hand holding. Cassio gets demoted because hes getting into OCCULAR PROOF: he (Othello) wants to be able to see and prove that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him ACT 3 SCENE 3 NEED TO STUDY BECAUSE ALL THE SEEDS OF JEOUSY GET PLANTED BY IAGO TO OTHELLO In this passage on page 74: Othello questions that hes old and hes a vesnasian his skin color may play a factor -all great men are cheated on by women there is imagry started with the “tis the plage”...
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