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Unit_1_-_Introduction (2)

Unit_1_-_Introduction (2) - containing olive oil had to be...

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1.6 Brief History of Packaging Humans have had the same packaging needs throughout history, most importantly to store and transport food and water. They have also always worked with what materials and technologies they had available. Primitive people had to gather food as part of their nomadic lifestyle. They utilized natural items, such as hollow pieces of wood or leaves as wraps, to contain their food. By 5,000 BC, domestication was occurring and there was a greater need for storage and transport containers for use within villages. Here, people made sacks, baskets, and bags from woods like bamboo, grasses or other plant material, and animal skins, organs, horns, and bones. Pottery was also invented and jars, amphorae, cups, dishes, and other containers were made. The first packaging law was created in 250 BC by the Greeks so that amphorae
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Unformatted text preview: containing olive oil had to be stamped with the city-state it was made in, the time it was pressed, and who produced it (Soroka 2002). Some examples of associations include: Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) – there is a student chapter at the SoP -www.iopp.org ASTM International – www.astm.org Sterile Barrier Association – http://www.sterilebarrier.org Flexible Packaging Association - http://www.flexpack.org Some examples of packaging events include: Pack Expo - www.packexpo.com IAPRI - www.iapriweb.org HealthPack - www.healthpack.net ISTA International Transport Packaging Forum -http://www.ista.org/pages/education/transport-packaging-forum.php 1. 3...
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