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Unit_1_-_Introduction - Johnson and Proctor& Gamble 1.4...

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Here are some examples of suppliers and converters: Plastic film manufacturers Bag manufacturers Can manufacturers Bottle manufacturers Pallet manufacturers Corrugated board manufacturers Corrugated box manufacturers Label printers Adhesive manufacturers As you can see, people who work in the packaging industry are highly trained and educated professionals with diverse backgrounds. This means that there are also a variety of companies that they work in. Packaging companies are typically divided into two categories: suppliers and end-user companies. The suppliers typically provide things such as packaging materials and components or convert these into packages. The end-user companies typically develop, manufacture, and package the finished product. Examples of these include many
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Unformatted text preview: Johnson, and Proctor & Gamble. 1.4 Packaging Careers and Companies Packaging can be scientific and technical as well as artistic and creative; the balance of these attributes is one of the reasons packaging is such an interesting field to be a part of. Packaging is an extremely broad field that integrates many disciplines. These include but are not limited to: Package and product design and development Industrial design Graphic design Sales and marketing Materials development Chemistry Polymer science Engineering – mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc. Management Business Production and manufacturing Distribution and supply chain Testing and evaluation Law, regulation, and compliance 1. 1...
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