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2.2 Protection The second basic packaging function is protection and this often relates closely with containment. This is because, in order to protect a product, you will also be containing it in some way, and if you contain a product, that containment will also provide some level of protection. Protection of the product is typically an effort to extend shelf life and maintain its intended level of quality, which includes the prevention of damage, loss, and deterioration. When choosing a package for containment, it is important to take the inherent nature of the product into consideration so that the package does not fail. Sometimes containment
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Unformatted text preview: serves the purpose of protecting the surrounding environment from the product. Hazardous material considerations include if it is under pressure, corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc; you definitely do not want these types of materials getting out of the package unexpectedly. Another example is child-resistant features for household chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We will get into more detail later in the semester on how specific packaging materials are selected and used for these concerns and more. Paperboard Box...
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