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Unit_5_Wood_Packag - assembly plants and for industrial and military packaging applications These types of crates are usually built in factories

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Crates are usually made from heavy rough sawn (unplaned) solid wood, but for some applications, particularly those where careful cleaning of the crate is required before reuse, planed or finished material may be used. An example includes crates that are used for handling produce, such as apples. These containers are usually stored outdoors between seasons and are subject to deterioration from the elements; however, with occasional repairs and replacement of parts, these can have a useful life of 10 years or more. Large wooden crates are also used for many other applications, such as moving "parts in process" around manufacturing plants, transporting parts from automotive suppliers to
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Unformatted text preview: assembly plants, and for industrial and military packaging applications. These types of crates are usually built in factories. Crates can also be built on-site or by specialty firms for items such as large heavy machines, delicate and valuable art work, and specialty furniture. Large heavy machines are often bolted to custom built skids (pallets) that can be moved on and off trucks with a fork lift. A crate is often built around the machine on the skid to provide protection from damage and http://www.delikats.co.uk/slatted-wooden-crate-large.jpg...
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