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Unit_5_-_Wood_Packaging (8)

Unit_5_-_Wood_Packaging (8) - or other fasteners Handles of...

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5.17.5 Baskets Baskets have been used by man for thousands of years. For most of recorded history, and to some extent today, the primary materials for basket construction have been naturally growing grasses, reeds, and similar materials. Modern commercial baskets, made for handling produce and other products, are more commonly woven from thin slats of wood with few nails
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Unformatted text preview: or other fasteners. Handles of various types are also incorporated. Baskets are sometimes used to add an aura of naturalness to products (think experience and value again here), even if the cost exceeds the cost of competing package forms, such as corrugated boxes. Baskets are manufactured in various sizes and shapes. Here are some examples: Wirebound Crate...
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