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Unit_6_-_Paper_and_Paperboard (4)

Unit_6_-_Paper_and_Paperboard (4) - weigh several tons The...

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The final step in the process is to wind the paper onto rolls, or “webs”. The widest roll possible would be the width of the machine, commonly around 30 ft. A full 30 foot roll can weigh up to 25 tons. More commonly, the web is split into two or more sections and rolled up onto separate rolls. Paper rolls reach diameters of approximately 5 ft and a short roll can still
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Unformatted text preview: weigh several tons. The speed of paper manufacturing varies, depending on the details of the machine, the raw materials, and similar factors. A modern machine can produce paper at a rate above 30 miles/hour. At that rate, a machine can make about 1,000 tons of paper in a day. Drying and Calendering...
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