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7.12 Corrugated Boxes vs. Paperboard Cartons Corrugated boxes and paperboard cartons are similar in concept but there are numerous differences. Here are some comparisons between the two types of packages: Paperboard cartons are made of a single layer paperboard. Common thicknesses are 16 to 26 point board. The distinction between cartons and boxes has become less clear in recent years as manufacturers have substituted E-flute or F-flute corrugated for paperboard in some cases.
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Unformatted text preview: Decoration and print quality is usually more important for cartons. Cartons are usually used for primary or secondary packaging, while corrugated tends to be used for tertiary applications, such as shipping containers. Many cartons are decorated or printed elaborately; accurate printing of logos and precise rendition of color are critical. While many corrugated boxes are printed or labeled, the quality of printing is generally lower. Folder Style Box...
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