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Unit_9_-_Food_and_Beverage_Packaging (3)

Unit_9_-_Food_and_Beverage_Packaging (3) - 9.8.2 Variety US...

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9.8.2 Variety US consumers have high expectations about the availability of produce. They expect to have a variety of high quality items available any day of the year at any location in the country. Packaging techniques which allow the sale of fruit and vegetables, "ready made" salad greens, and sliced fruit at all times of the year, are described below. Fresh produce is one of the most complicated products to package. Not only do producers have to contend with short production seasons concentrated in small geographical areas, fresh produce has a variety of problems that are unique. Problems include: Senescence: Fruits and vegetables deteriorate as they go through the natural process of aging. Loss of turgor: As fruits and vegetables lose moisture, they also lose crispness. Decay: Decay is caused by mold, bacteria, and yeast. Chilling injury: Dropping the storage temperature of some fruits accelerates decay. Infestation:
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