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Unit_9_-_Food_and_Beverage_Packaging (6)

Unit_9_-_Food_and_Beverage_Packaging (6) - extra Heinz...

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Several companies have tried to change the packaging of products away from the usual forms. Many of these efforts have failed, but there have been some outstanding successes. A good example is Heinz ketchup: The H. J. Heinz Company successfully converted from glass bottles to coextruded multi-layer plastic bottles for retail packaging of ketchup. They advertised the benefits of the new package extensively, emphasizing the benefits of controlled application and the ability to empty the bottle. The plastic bottles were more expensive than the glass bottles they replaced, but consumers understood the benefits and were willing to pay
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Unformatted text preview: extra. Heinz achieved an increase in market share and generated enough additional income to pay for all of the development costs and still improve their profitability. Today, most ketchup is packaged in plastic. (And the plastic bottles have continued to evolve with inverted features so that the cap is now on the bottom, which eliminates the need to shake the bottle to mix up the ketchup and get it to move toward the dispensing spout.) o o o Glass...
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