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Unit_10_-_Flexible_Packaging (2)

Unit_10_-_Flexible_Packaging (2) - metalized layer of...

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Standup pouches have the advantage of greater display area (called billboard area) than pillow pouches. Pillow pouches are unstable and fall over if they are not laid flat on the retail shelf (this is why chip bag shelves are designed so the bags can stack in at an angle). This Here is an example of an early product in a stand up pouch. The barrier was provided by a
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Unformatted text preview: metalized layer of plastic. These are shipped in paperboard or corrugated cases to provide 10.2.4 Standup Pouches Standup pouches have gussets formed in the bottom. When the pouch is filled, the pressure of the contents, solid or liquid, causes the bottom of the pouch to spread out, forming a base so the pouch can stand up on the shelf. 10. 5...
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