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Unit_10_-_Flexible_Packaging (3)

Unit_10_-_Flexible_Packaging (3) - filling As an option the...

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Sewn bag with valve A folded corner is tucked inside the completed bag. Product is contained in bag until this "valve" is folded out, usually by ripping the top seam open. The valve then serves as a pour spout to guide the flow of product. Redrawn by Hughes Sewn open mouth bag The bottom of the bag is sewn closed with paper tape reinforcement. The bag is filled through the top which is sewn closed in a similar fashion after
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Unformatted text preview: filling. As an option, the ends can be folded over and glued shut. Sewn bags are not completely sealed. Small particles of product (dust) will leak out through the holes punched in the bag while sewing. The holes also provide for ventilation and moisture escape when fresh products, such as dog food, are packaged. Redrawn by Hughes 10. 8...
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