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Course Schedule - updated 1/16/2011 (Deviations from this schedule may be necessary as the course progresses) *All the Quickbooks information (including general instructions) is also located at the bottom of this schedule Date Topic Readings Due 1/19 Course Introduction AIS: An Overview Chapter 1 1/24 Overview of Business Processes Chapter 2 1/26 Relational Databases Chapter 4 1/31 Database Design General Instructions Quickbooks Assignment 1 2/2 prem.xls ERDs.doc 2/7 Database Design, cont. 2/9 AREC.doc ARECkey.doc 2/14 Review for Exam # 1 Quickbooks Assignment 2 2/16 Exam # 1 2/21 System Development and Documentation Techniques Chapter 3 2/23 Chapter 3 - part 2.ppt Document Flowchart examples System Flowchart examples 2/28 Computer Fraud and Abuse Chapter 5 3/2 Computer Fraud and Abuse, cont. Quickbooks Assignment 3 3/7 – 3/9 Spring Break No Class 3/14 Exam One review and Quickbooks corrections 3/16 Controls and AIS Chapter 6.doc Chapter 6 Quickbooks Assignment 4
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ACIS+3504+Course+Schedule+Spring+2011 - Course Schedule...

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