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Takaki ’s “From a Different Shore. .”: points to note Asian Americans (in their diversity, including gender), at jobs, in professions, in schools, in crime, on welfare Asian Americans in numbers, growth rates (especially after Immigration Act of 1965): from 877,000 in 1960 to 5 million (577% increase) by 2000 (note that numbers differ by different kinds of Asian Americans); some 5% of the population presently Are AA visible? If not, as Takaki says, WHY not? Why ‘foreign’, why stereotyped? How were the AA different from Italian, Irish, Jewish immigrants from Europe? What helped these immigrants assimilate, find acceptance? (color of skin? Customs, foods? Religions?) Why is AA history in the USA (150-200 years old) left out in interests of Eurocentric history? How should this history be re-written, for different Asian immigrant groups? How does the time/years of arrival of Asians make for different tracks in the USA?
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Unformatted text preview: • Can we re-write this history not only from ‘facts’ but also through ‘stories’? Can history be re-written through ‘communities of memory’? • What were the interests of White Capital and White labor to pit Asian groups against each other to keep wages low? What were the consequences? What jobs remained for AA? • What led to the formation of ethnic enclaves like Chinatowns? Why were these necessary? • What laws, public policies reinforced racial discrimination against AA? [note the interesting case of the Armenians] • What happened to the Japanese (but not Italian and German Americans] during World War II? How many Japanese interned at this time were citizens of the USA (2/3 of 120,000)? • What was the ‘idea’ of America that lay behind these exclusivist public policies and laws? • Are AA ‘liminal,’ that is, betwixt and between, today? Suchitra Samanta Page 1 3/2/2012...
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