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Unformatted text preview: E85.1801 Fundamentals of Music Technology Fall 2009 Instructor: Juan P. Bello Assignment # 1 Listening, Recording, Listening. Full Name:____________________________ NetID:_________________________ Description: For this assignment you will need the means by which you can record and playback sound, a computer with headphones, a notebook, pen, and approximately one hour to perform the experiments. While the recordings can be done in small groups of 2 or 3 people at a time, the reports must be individually written. The report should be kept concise (max. 4 pages), but be sure to answer the questions below, describe any difficulties you encountered during the technical portion of this assignment, and discuss the results of your analysis. Instructions: • Check out one of the portable flash recorders from the Studio Monitor. Your names will be on a list to check out the device for a few hours at a time. Please return the recorder as soon as you are done using it so that the next person may check it out. • Go outside to a location where you can sit for 20 minutes. Note the time and location. After approximately 3 minutes have passed (after you are accustomed to your new surroundings), start the portable recorder and record for no more than 5 minutes. • While recording, take notes of the sounds you hear: How many sounds are present? What are they? Describe the sounds. Be specific with regards to frequency, intensity/loudness, timbre, duration, and how the sounds change over time. • When the recording is finished, take another 5‐10 minutes to finish writing the note about what you hear. • Go inside to a quiet place where you can talk and record yourself. If working in groups, each person must record him/herself. Start the recording, identifying yourself and the room you are in, count to 10 and recite the alphabet. Repeat this process in two rooms; one small and one large. • • • Connect the recorder to your computer and transfer the recordings. Erase the file on the recorder, once you have confirmed it has been successfully transferred. Return the recorder as soon as the transfer is complete. Listen to the recording of the outdoor environment. Again take notes about what you hear. How many sounds are present? What sounds are they? Describe the sounds. Be specific with regards to frequency, intensity/loudness, timbre, duration, and how the sounds change over time. Listen to the recording of your own voice. Does it is sound different to you? How so? Be specific. Report: Answer the above questions as complete thoughts in formal English. You need not include your listening notes in their entirety, but cite them as needed for your answers. Analyze and discuss the differences between your notes from the live listening situation to the notes taken while listening to the recording, trying always to relate your findings and observations to the theory discussed in class and the demo sessions. ...
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