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E85.1801 Fundamentals of Music Technology Instructor: Juan P. Bello Assignment #8, Digital Systems This assignment is comprised of two sections: a problem set regarding sampling and an experiment involving MIDI. Problems: What is the lowest sampling rate on could use to represent the motion of the sun in the sky during the summer months in New York City. o Please explain your solution. Using a protractor/compass and graphing paper, draw a 5Hz sine wave (neatness counts). o Precisely sample this sine wave with a sampling rate of 9Hz. Below the 5Hz wave connect the resulting samples with sinusoidal curves. o What is the frequency of this new sine wave? o Repeat the sampling and redrawing process but this time sample the 5Hz wave with a sampling rate of 10Hz (again neatness and precision are very important). o Please discuss the resulting waveform. o Use a scanner to import your drawings into your report. Please be sure to
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Unformatted text preview: plan ahead, scanner access is limited on Wednesday and Thursday nights. MIDI Lab: • Download the provided Max Patch or Standalone application • Launch the patch on a computer that is connected to a MIDI device. • Manipulate each item on the MIDI device (play an ascending chromatic scale from middle C, move sliders, press buttons {play/pause/record/etc}, press and hold middle C, press the key harder/softer, release the key) • Save the resulting text seen in the [capture] object. • Analyze the MIDI messages separating them into different functions: o note on, note off, o continuous control, o system exclusive • Explain how you separated the numbers into specific messages and how you determined the meaning of each message (for example which note was played and how hard the key was pressed)....
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