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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Music Technology Student Handout Demo 1: Wave Propagation and Display Goals: to demonstrate some of the properties of waves and to introduce students to various ways in which sound can be visualized. This demonstration is comprised of four experiences. For each of the experiences keep in mind the questions posed below. 1. Wave transmission and visualization in a length of rubber tubing. a. What type of wave motion is present in a standing wave? b. What type of wave motion is present in a pulse? c. What type of wave motion is present when the tubing is plucked at the midway point? d. How many waves can be present in the tubing at the same time? 2. Wave propagation and standing waves in a tub of water. a. What type of wave motion do we observe when something is dropped into the water? b. What type of wave motion do we observe when agitating the water with the speaker 3. Time domain display of sound using a oscilloscope. a. What is the measurement for rate of oscillation? b. What are the units? c. What ranges of rates of oscillation qualify as audio? 4. Frequency domain display of sound using spectroscope. a. What is Fourier’s Theorem? b. What would a sine wave look like on the spectroscope? c. What is noise? d. How do you define pink and/or white noise? e. What would noise look like on a spectroscope? In Addition to these questions you will be asked to participate in producing these demonstrations, observe specific phenomenon and respond to additional questions about what you observe during the demonstration. The demonstration will conclude with a review of the tools and techniques you will need to use for the next assignment. ...
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