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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Music Technology Student Manual Demo 2: Transducers Goals: Demonstrate basic principles of audio transducers and introduce students to the directionality of sound waves. This demonstration is comprised of five experiences. For each of the experiences keep in mind the questions posed below. 1. Electro­magnetic transduction a. What happens when you move the magnet in through a coil? b. How does this relate to a microphone? Which type? c. How is this different from a microphone? 2. Capacitance (Theremin representing a transducer) a. What happens you move your hand near the Theremin? b. How does this relate to a microphone? Which type? c. Why might this type of microphone be more sensitive to high frequencies and transients? 3. Speaker as Microphone a. Why does this work? What properties of a speaker allow it to behave as a microphone? b. What specific features of the sound from the speaker‐microphone are different than the SM‐58? c. Why might the speaker‐microphone sound different than the SM‐58? 4. Directional sensitivity of microphones a. What will happen when we hold a microphone in front of a speaker? b. Why would the feedback happen only when the microphone is tipped towards the speaker? c. How does the feedback change pitch as we move the microphone closer to and further from the speaker? 5. Directional projection of speakers­ HSS a. What do you notice about the sounds coming from this speaker? b. Why is the sound from this speaker so directional? ...
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