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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Music Technology Lab Instructor Manual Demo 4: Build Your Own Studio Goals: to build a basic production studio or portable recording rig and to demonstrate how to wrap cables. This demonstration is comprised of 4 experiences: 1. Connecting the components 2. Operating the studio 3. Room treatment 4. Wrapping cables Experience #1: Questions for the Students: • What components do we need to convert sound to line level signals? • What components do we need to transfer line level signals to magnetic disk or tape? • What components do we need to hear the sounds while recording? • What components do we need to hear the recorded sounds in the room? Experience #2: Questions for the Students: • The laptop has a built in microphone, and speakers, why not use it as a recording device? • If we recorded 3 instruments, bass, guitar and trumpet on with one microphone, what can we do to make the trumpet louder in the recording? • How could we record the instruments such that we can easily change the level of the trumpet relative to the levels of the bass and guitar? • How can we control the levels of the individual tracks simultaneously (rather than changing one track level after the other with the mouse)? Experience #3: Questions for the students: • What would a balloon pop waveform look like if recorded in a free field (or anechoic chamber)? • How does this recording differ, if at all? • How would these differences (if present) affect the composite sound of a multi‐pass recording? Experience #4: Questions for the students: • What happens to these materials when you twist and kink them? • How do these materials relate to materials in audio cables? • What actions may cause this kind of damage to audio cables? • How can we prevent this damage? ...
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  • Fall '09
  • JuanPabloBello
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