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171 Make-up Form - Lab Name of Lab My lab is at Beck...

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Chemistry 171 Make Up Request Form This form must be completed AT LEAST 2 weeks before the lab to be missed, except in cases of illness or injury (or other extraordinary circumstances). Requests without proper documentation will be ignored. Your request must be submitted in a timely fashion. Late requests will not be accepted. Name: RUID: Section Number: Date of
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Unformatted text preview: Lab: Name of Lab: My lab is at Beck HSB (D/C Campus) Reason for requiring make up: Schedule Please check any times that you could take the lab. Note: you must take the lab on the SAME campus as your regular section. M T W Th F Liv only 10:20-1:20 Liv 10:55-1:55 D/C Either Either Either Either Liv only D/C 1:40-4:40 Liv Either Either 2:15-5:15...
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