Instructions for use of Chemical Hazard Awareness Form

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Instructions for use of Chemical Hazard Awareness Form Each week, you need to submit a Chemical Hazard Awareness form. Read the lab manual for each experiment and identify any chemicals or compounds used. Look up the appropriate way to handle these materials. 1. Open the form (found in Resources). 2. Type your name, RUID, section number, and the experiment this is for in the appropriate blanks. 3. In the box below the experiment name, type the list of chemicals you found and the appropriate risk or handling method.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, if you are working with hydrochloric acid: Hydrochloric acid (caustic) Handling: avoid direct contact with skin [There are other precautions you could write.] 4. Once you have completed the form SAVE the file somewhere on your computer or thumbnail drive. 5. Go to sakai. In the drop box for 171, upload the saved file along with any scanned documents relevant to your situation. This must be submitted BEFORE your lab time to get credit....
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