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Lecture 8 - Strato-type volcano Seperated by chemical Has a...

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Lecture #8: Volcanism and volcanic hazards Intra-plate volcanism- Mantle plume and hot-spot volcano. Volcano- An erupting vent through which molten rock surfaces. A mountain built from eruptions. Pipeline for molten rock to travel. Connects pool of molten rock to surface on Earth. Magma chamber- Below the Earth. Vent- Central part that connects the subsurface to the surface. Flank- The steep sided areas on each side of the volcano. Shield volcano- Separated by chemical. Son’t rise high off the landscape (no topographic rise). Has syrupy, type lava flow. Very slow and gradual eruption.
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Unformatted text preview: Strato-type volcano- Seperated by chemical. Has a mountain shape. Tiny, near solid pieces of lava that plug top of vent. Gasses come out. • Magma- Molten rock below the surface. • Lava- Molten rock on the surface. • Fractional Crystallization-Only a fraction of minerals are crystallized. Crystallization is organic, goes from liquid to solid. • Bowen Reaction Series • Mt. Vesuvius- In the year 79 destroyed Pompeii, killing 20,000 • Krakatau- 1883. Phreatomagmatic eruption. • Phreatomagmatic- Juvenile forming eruptions as a result of interaction between water and magma....
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