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Lecture #5: Building Blocks of Earth Crust- Rigid rock. Thickness is about 5-100km. Stiff, brittle, breaks under pressure. Asthenosphere- Lower part of the upper mantle. Two types- continental and oceanic. Lithosphere- Lithospheric mantle plus crust. Moves with crust. Not continuous shell around Earth. Broken into tectonic plates. Mafic- Part of the Oceanic crust. Basalt (contains olivine and pyroxene). Felsic- Part of the Continental crust. Granite (made up of quartz and feldspar).
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Unformatted text preview: Basalt- Contains olivine and pyroxene. • Peridotite- type of ultramafic rock. Made up of mineral olivine. • Granite- Made up of quartz and feldspar. • Inner core- Solid. • Outer core- Liquid. • Upper mantle- Divided into two sub layers. 0-150 km. Homogenous. High viscosity (less flowable). • Lower mantle- Less viscous because different types of heat from upper to lower mantle. • Mineral- Grains and crystals. Natural occurrence. • Rock- A solid and made up of minerals....
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