Chapter 2 - ConcernforEthicalandSocietalIssues...

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Concern for Ethical and Societal Issues Business Ethics The standards of conduct and moral values governing actions and decisions in the work  environment Social responsibility Balance between what’s right and what’s profitable Often no clear-cut choices Often shaped by the organization’s ethical climate The Contemporary Ethical Environment High profile investigations and arrests in headlines Vast majority of businesses ethical New corporate officers charged with deterring wrongdoing and ensuring ethical  standards Concern for Ethical and Societal Issues Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 law that added oversight for the nation’s major companies and a special oversight  board to regulate public accounting firms that audit the financial records of these  corporations Company’s Regulate Themselves Ethics compliance officers Three-pronged approach Engage in corporate philanthropy
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Identify opportunities Individuals Make a Difference Individuals can make the difference in ethical expectations and behavior Putting own interest ahead of the organization Lying to employee Misrepresenting hours Safety Violations Internet Abuse Technology is expanding unethical behavior Ethics What/Who formed your ethics? Development of Individual Ethics
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Chapter 2 - ConcernforEthicalandSocietalIssues...

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