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c ± Kendra Kilmer August 18, 2011 Calculator Steps Enter your x and y values into lists. To do this, hit STAT and select 1: Edit. .. If you have anything in L1 and L2, cursor up to the name of the list, hit CLEAR and ENTER. Now just enter in your values one at a time by pressing ENTER after each number. To find the regression equation, first hit STAT, cursor right to CALC and select option 4: LinReg(ax+b). To have the calculator automatically store the equation into Y1 press VARS, arrow to Y-Vars, select 1:Function and then select Y1. Note: Your homescreen should say LinReg(ax+b) Y1 . Now press ENTER To graph the regression line with data points, first enter the equation of the line into Y1(if you didn’t automatically store it there). Then make sure your stat plot is turned on. To do this, hit 2nd Y= and select 1.
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Unformatted text preview: ..by pressing ENTER. You can then highlight any of the options you would like. Now press ZOOM and select 9: ZoomStat. You will have a plot of the original data points and the least squares line. Example 2: A manufacturer of electric motors, submitted the accompanying data. The table shows the net sales (in millions of dollars) during a 5 year period: Year Net Sales 1999 426 2000 437 2001 460 2002 473 2003 477 a) Determine the equation of the least-squares line for these data. (Let x represent the number of years since 1999.) b) Draw a scatter diagram and the least-squares line for these data. c) Use the result obtained in part (a) to predict the net sales for 2010. d) When will the net sales reach $500 million? Section 1.5 Highly Suggested Homework Problems: 3, 7, 11 10...
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