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c ± Kendra Kilmer August 18, 2011 3. Transpose: The transpose of an m × n matrix A with entries a ij is the n × m matrix A T with entries a ji . Example 4: Find A T if A = 1 2 3 4 5 6 4. Scalar Product: For a matrix A and a real number c , the scalar product cA is found by multiplying each entry in A by the real number c . Example 5: Find 3 A if A = 1 2 3 4 5 6 We can allow the calculator to do these basic calculations for us. (If you have a plain TI-83 (without the Plus), when you see directions to hit 2nd x - 1 , you need to hit the MATRIX button.) Enter the matrix into the calculator: Hit 2nd x - 1 . Cursor right two places to EDIT and hit ENTER on the matrix you wish to edit. Enter the size of the matrix. Enter the matrix elements. Call a matrix for a computation:
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Unformatted text preview: Make sure you are on the home screen before you begin any calculations. To do this, hit 2nd MODE to quit. Press 2nd, x-1 and cursor down under the NAMES list until you get to the matrix you want and hit ENTER. The name of the matrix you need to do computations with will now be on your homescreen. Take the Transpose of a Matrix Call the matrix you would like to transpose from the home screen. Press 2nd, x-1 , cursor right to MATH and select option 2:T. You should now see the symbolic representation of transposing your matrix. To actually see the transpose, hit ENTER. 4...
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