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Unformatted text preview: c Kendra Kilmer September 9, 2011 3. Jack and Jill decide to go into the business of making table decorations for weddings. They will be decorating three different sizes of tables. A small table seats 4 people, a medium table seats 8 people, and a large table seats 12 people. For a certain wedding of 344 people, the bride has decided her table decorating budget is $2,520 and she wants twice as many medium tables as small and large tables combined. If it cost $40 to decorate a small table, $60 to decorate a medium table, $75 to decorate a large table, how many tables of each size should they use? Assume that the entire budget is used and there will be no extra seats. (Set-up but do not solve.) 4. A theater has a seating capacity of 1200 and charges $3 for children, $4 for students, and $5 for adults. At a certain screening with full atendance, there were half as many adults as children and students combined. The receipts totaled $5100. How many children, students, and adults attended the show?were half as many adults as children and students combined....
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