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c ± Kendra Kilmer September 15, 2011 4. At the Austin City Limits Music Festival, a three day event held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, YoSoy Candle Company managed to sell $2400 worth of candles. Amazingly, the sales made Sunday ended up being the same as the combined sales for Friday and Saturday. Even more astonishing, the sales made Sunday were three times the amount of sales made Friday. What were YoSoy’s total sales for each day of the festival? 5. Solve the following system of linear equations by doing Gauss-Jordan Elimination by hand. 2 x - 7 y = 9 y = - 3 x + 5 6. Each of the following augmented matrices represents a system of linear equations. Determine whether or not the augmented matrix is in row-reduced
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Unformatted text preview: form. If it IS in row-reduced form give the solution to the system of linear equations. If it IS NOT in row-reduced form, perform the next row operation that would need to be performed to get the augmented matrix in row-reduced form. (a) 1 4 1 2-3 1 2 (b) 1 8 1-7 15 (c) 1-2 5 1-7 1 6 2...
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