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Unformatted text preview: c Kendra Kilmer September 27, 2011 Section 3.2 • A Linear Programming Problem consists of a linear objective function to be maximized or minimized subject to constraints in the form of linear equations or inequalities. • When setting up a linear programming problem, make sure to precisely define your variables, include your objective (maximize or minimize) and objective function along with all of your constraints. 2. A manufacturer of baby formula makes two types of formula: Type A and Type B. One container of type A requires 30 grams of whey, costs $3 to make, and sells for $25. One container of type B requires 20 grams of whey, costs $3 . 50 to make, and sells for $28. If the manufacturer has 4000 grams of whey available, $500 available to produce the formula, and would like to maximize their revenue, how many containers of each type of formula should they make? (Set-up but DO NOT SOLVE the linear programming problem.) 3. A small city is trying to determine the best way to raise funds in a given month. One thing they know for certain is that they want to issue3....
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