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10. Determine graphically the solution set for the following system of linear inequalities. Label all corner points. x + y 4 2 x + y 6 2 x - y ≥ - 1 x 0 ,y 0 11. Clean-Hair Inc. produces three kinds of shampoos. It takes 2 . 5 hours to produce 1,000 bottles of formula I, 3 hours to produce 1,000 bottles of formula II, and 4 hours to produce 1000 bottles of formula III. The profits for each 1000 bottles of formula I, formula II, and formula III are $180, $200, and $300 respectively. Suppose for a certain production run, there are enough ingredients on hand to make at most 9,000 bottles of formula I, 12,000 bottles of formula II, and 6,000 bottles of formula III. Furthermore, suppose the time for the
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Unformatted text preview: production run is limited to a maximum of 70 hours. How many bottles of each formula should be produced in order to maximize the profit? Set-up the Linear Programming Problem but DO NOT SOLVE. 12. Given the following linear programming problem: Maximize P = 10 x + 2 y Subject to x + y ≤ 12 2 x + y ≤ 16 x ≥ ,y ≥ The optimal solution occurs at the intersection of which two lines? 2...
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