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10. For two events, E and F , we know the P ( E F c ) = 0 . 2, P ( F ) = 0 . 5, and P ( E F ) = 0 . 4. Find P (( E F c ) ( E c F )). 11. Eight freshmen, ±ve sophomores and twelve juniors all apply to attend a national conference. If three of these students are randomly selected to attend the conference, what is the probability that exactly two of the students have the same classi±cation? 12. Sue lives in a house divided. That is, her mom is an Aggie and her dad is a Longhorn. She is packing her bag to go to College Station for the football game. Her drawer contains twelve Aggie shirts and nine longhorn shirts. In packing her bag, she randomly selects ±ve shirts. (a) What is the probability that she packs exactly two Aggie shirts? (b) What is the probability that the second shirt she packs is an Aggie shirt if the ±rst shirt is a longhorn shirt?
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Let A and B be events in the sample space S . If P ( A ) = 0 . 45, P ( B ) = 0 . 7, and P ( A C ∩ B ) = 0 . 4, what is P ( A | B C )? 14. A pharmaceutical company is in the process of researching a pregnancy test. Among those women who are pregnant, the probability that the test is positive is 0 . 99. However, the probability that the test will erroneously indicate that the woman is pregnant is 0 . 02. It is estimated that 30% of the women in this study are actually pregnant. If the pregnancy test is positive, what is the probability that the woman is actually pregnant?...
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