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5. Given the following linear programming problem: Minimize C = 10 x + 2 y Subject to x + y 12 2 x + y 16 x 0 ,y 0 The optimal solution occurs at the intersection of which two lines? 6. An experiment consists of observing whether cars are kept in the driveway or in the garage. It was found that 75% of cars are kept in the driveway, and the remaining cars are kept in the garage. Of those cars kept in the driveway, 90% were worth less than $15,000. Of those kept in the garage, 80% were worth $15,000 or more. If a car worth less than $15,000 is randomly
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Unformatted text preview: selected, what is the probability that it is in the driveway? 7. Solve the following system of linear equation using inverses: 3 x + 7 y-15 z = 9 z = 5 x-9 y + 7 2 x-5 y = z + 9 8. A girl scout convention is being held in College Station. Troop 647 is bringing 7 girls, Troop 916 is bringing 5 girls, and Troop 525 is bringing 3 girls. In how many ways can these girls sit in a row if each troop wants to sit together? 2...
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