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Unformatted text preview: 13. What is the effective rate of interest of an account if the interest is compounded monthly and the investment will double in 20 years? 14. A group of 488 Aggies are going on a road trip to the bowl game. They are trying to decide how many cars, vans, and buses to take for the trip. They has determined that each car will seat 6 people and the expenses involved for each car come out to be $100. Each van holds 14 people and costs $195 per van. Each bus holds 40 people and costs $475. If they have decided that they want to take twice as many buses as vans, how many vehicles of each type should they take if the budget is $6,025 and they want to exactly use all of their budget and have no empty seats? 15. The value of a certain car is represented in the following table: Year Value 2003 $20,000 2004 $18,000 2005 $17,500 2006 $15,000 Find the equation of the best-fit line (let x = 0 represent 2003 and let y represent the value of the car (in thousands)) and use it to approximate when the car value will reach $8,500. How well does the line fit the data? 16. Chris and Katie are going to a basketball game with eight of their friends. How many ways can they be seated in a row if Chris and Katie can’t sit next to each other? 17. A survey of 550 freshmen revealed that 300 own a car, 200 own a computer and 100 own neither a car nor a computer. If a student is randomly selected from this group what is the probability that they own a car but not a computer? 18. An experiment consists of randomly selecting one card out of a standard deck of 52 cards. Let E be the event that a red card is drawn and let F be the event that a club is drawn. Are the events E and F mutually exclusive events? Are the events E and F independent events? 4 ...
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