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23. How many days will it take for a sum of $2,000 to earn $50 interest if it is deposited in an account earning simple interest at the rate of 8% per year? 24. Classify each of the random variables as finite discrete, infinite discrete, or continuous: (a) Let X represented the weight of a newborn kitten in ounces. (b) Cough drops are randomly selected with replacement from a bag containing 30 cherry, 20 menthol, and 35 lemon. Let Y represent the number of cough drops drawn until a cherry cough drop is selected. (c) Jane serves the volleyball 100 times. Let Z represent the number of times she serves an ace. 25. Two marbles are randomly selected from a bin containing 8 red and 5 green marbles. If this experiment is repeated 10 times
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Unformatted text preview: and the marbles are replaced each time, what is the probability of getting 2 red marbles at least 3 times? 26. Sarah is trying to arrange 5 identical blue candle sticks, 7 identical red candle sticks, and 3 identical green candle sticks on her shelf. How many distinguishable arrangements are possible? 27. Given the follwing matrices with the indicated dimensions, which of the following are valid matrix operations? A 2 × 4 ,B 3 × 1 ,C 4 × 3 ,D 3 × 2 (a) AC-6 D T (b) 5 D T B (c) 2 CB (d) A T-CD 6...
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