14111cwir11ws.13 - 57 Danny put a $5,500 down payment on a car He financed the remaining balance with a 60 month loan at a 5.5 annual interest

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Unformatted text preview: 57. Danny put a $5,500 down payment on a car. He financed the remaining balance with a 60 month loan at a 5.5% annual interest rate compounded monthly on the unpaid balance. If the monthly car payments are $450, what is the cash price of the car? 58. Determine the value of b for which the system of linear equations 4x − y = 6 8x + by = 10 has no solution. 59. A survey was done of 700 students on their preference of fruits. The following information was found: • 275 students like bananas and strawberries. • 250 students like all three fruits. • 400 students like grapes. • 50 students like only bananas and grapes. • 20 students like only grapes. • 205 students do not like bananas. • 60 students like only strawberries. How many students like exactly one of these kinds of fruit? 60. Find the point of intersection of the vertical line passing through the point (−2, 5) and the line 2x − 4y = 10. 13 ...
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