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Dance Appreciation 2001-5

Dance Appreciation 2001-5 - Classical Ballet • Prelude...

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1/26/12 Dance Appreciation Timeline Opera Codified Ballet as a technique (court dances) Romantic o Tutu (long, tulle), women, pointe, story ballet Classical o Shorter tutu, Marius Petipa- took Russian folklore tales- made ballets based on their tales- set format for classical ballet Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake- Russian folklore Tchaikovsky - wrote the music for these ballet Happened in St. Petersburg Russia Russian Imperial Ballet o Risk taking, less rigid o Leon Bakst- costume design o Coco Chanel- designed ballet pieces Claim to fame- feminine suit that was comfortable, yet classic
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Unformatted text preview: Classical Ballet • Prelude, overture- preview of the music- familiar to the music when its played later- beginning • First Act • Intermesso, Interlude • Second Act: o Devertismu- diversion, so that they can bring in different types of ballet o Grand de pa o Resolution • The Coda Russian • Revolution and art happening at the same time • Wished to be a superpower- by dance, athletics, everything • Ballet Russe- traveling ballet company o Expanding influence o imperialist...
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  • Spring '12
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  • Igor Stravinsky, Saint Petersburg, Sergei Diaghilev, classical ballet Nutcracker, Russian folklore Tchaikovsky

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