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Dance Appreciation 2001-6

Dance Appreciation 2001-6 - Dance Appreciation Read about...

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1/31/12 Dance Appreciation Read about neoclassicism, george balanchine- began in the ballet russe, ballet in America, the new york city ballet, EGOR STRABINSKY—KNOW THIS STUFF AND THEN NOOO CLASS THURSDAY Neoclassicm Ballet o This type of ballet uses traditional ballet vocab o Dance at extreme tempos o Perform technical dances o Flowy, jazzy o Similar to Russian form of classical ballet o Less theatrical and showy George Balanchine o Began Ballet russe o Russian ballet o “Balanchine body” Created this image of dancers being extremely thin o 1904-1983 o foremost contemporary choreographer in the world of ballet o came later on to US after having a career in Europe o staged Stravinsky’s ballet o artistic director for new york city ballet choreographed most of the ballets since the studio opened Ballet in America o Balanchine brought ballet here o Richard Pleasant & Lucia Chase formed Ballet Theater Still running today New York City Ballet o
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