Dance Appreciation 2001-8

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Dance Appreciation 2/14/12 Contemporary Dance o “Rebellion against modern dance” o Improvisational Structures- not even in the theater can be in streets o Pedestrian Movement o Site Specific- create a dance for a specific place, time, or reason o With the Time- always changing based off of whats happening currently o Aerial Work- suspended from the stage using bungee cords, swings, & hoops o Mixture of Genres Martha Graham- very specific modern dance Merce Cunningham- changed the way dance was being made
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Unformatted text preview: o Chance Dance A, B, & C section Audience decides how they want the dance to be shown- right before the dancers get on stage they find out music and order Audience sometimes chooses the music o In silence without music o Visual Artist- backdrop paintings- roy o Soundscape for music- John Cage Abstract music that was atonal in nature- non-traditional instruments Feb 29 th- March 3- CORE...
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