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Dance Appreciation 2/16/12 Midterm Study Guide: Couple questions from ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz More concepts and ideas Not dance, times, places, and things What were the similarities between dance and music – not specifically who did this and that? Who was responsible for neoclassical ballet- Balanchine Periods of ballet- renaissance opera, romantic, classical, neoclassical- ballet in the America, contemporary ballet Ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, musical theater Renaissance opera- kings and queens Romantic- story ballet, ballerinas being superstars, long tutus, Giselle , nature and fairies, supernatural Classical- short tutus- see what legs were doing, man being more predominant, virtuwasic technique, Russian imperialism- using Russian stories- folkloric tales for story ballets- Ballet Russe, don Quixote , storybooks, Romeo and Juliet Neoclassical- george Balanchine, deconstruction of ballet- set, story, tutu; technique and virtuwasity (happened during modern dance time), technique was
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