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Dance Appreciation 2001-10

Dance Appreciation 2001-10 - • Ring shout circle whatever...

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Dance Appreciation 2/21/12 African Vernacular Dance o The dance of the people where you find them o Precusor to Jazz Dance The Middle Passage- called middle passage because it is the middle of the triangle – second leg – africans taken to the US Triangular Trade Culture—(Africans being transported- what was put at risk , slightly strained ) o Tradition/ Value o Food/ Agriculture/ fishing o Language/ literature o Art, Dance, Music, etc. o Religion o Family o Technology o Relationships, Social Connections o Government o Education CHAINSAWWWWWWW! – america’s greatest creation?? Oral Tradition Blood Memories- instincts Embodied Knowledge Drum- warning, happiness, sadness, communication European Linear Thinking Afrocentric Circular Thinking- teacher is the student as well- responses, you do something involved in the learning or dancing process, apart of the celebration Observer Participant- form a circle
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Unformatted text preview: • Ring shout- circle, whatever work they are doing that’s what they would do in the circle • Cake Walk: 2/4 time or a march, make fun of the master • Tap Dance- Irish Step and African Beats combined together • Juke Joint- vernacular, where you get a drink, jazz dancing, prostition, southern • Speakeasy- knock three times on the back door to get illegal drinks, dancing, bands, etc., back of resturants • Great Migration- moved to get better conditions but it didn’t happen, Upton Sinclair- The Jungle , Child Labor Laws, went north to find work. o Sharecroppers- portion of crop goes to master to pay for you to live there o Migrant workers • Jazz Music o New Orleans o Memphis o Kansas City • Polyrhythms • Syncopation Read about the flapper and the chorus girl? The original chorus girl and how did the flapper add to american culture?...
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Dance Appreciation 2001-10 - • Ring shout circle whatever...

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