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Intro To Testing Outline

Intro To Testing Outline - We now begin our discussion of...

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We now begin our discussion of software testing. Testing is part of the broader field of Quality Assurance (QA). Design and Testing are related subjects. The basis of a high- quality product is a high-quality design. Designs can also incorporate features that make the implemented system easier to test. Software Development Products In order to talk about QA and testing, we need a brief overview of the products created by a software development project: 1) The first step is to understand what the customer really wants (often times they don’t even know). Work with the customer to learn what (not how ) the software must accomplish. Document the customer requirements in a requirements specification (or Product Requirements Document, or PRD) . Usually created by a product manager or analyst that knows the customer’s needs. a. Example: Employees must be able to submit problem tickets to the IT department from work or home.
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