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Reasons to Refactor Adding new features. A lot of software development involves enhancing an existing system rather than creating a new system from scratch. When you find you have to add a feature to a program, and the program's code is not structured in a convenient way to add the feature, first refactor the program to make it easy to add the feature, then add the feature. Writing new code. Software is often hurriedly prototyped as a "proof of concept" or in an effort to refine end-user requirements. Once the prototype has served its purpose, we should either throw it away, or refactor it to improve its structure and design. Combatting design decay. Software designs decay over time. Why? 1) People who don’t understand the system’s design are required to make changes (e.g., new team members), 2) Changes are made under schedule pressure; rather than doing the “right” thing, we do the “quick and dirty” thing. 3) Some developers are less skillful and/or disciplined than others, and make poor design choices. Refactoring is an effective way of combating
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