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StringOperationsSolution - Invalid Valid Null “bob”...

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Unformatted text preview: Invalid / Valid Null, “bob” Null, “” Valid / Invalid “”, Null “bob”, Null Invalid / Invalid Null, Null Valild / Valid Empty / Empty Empty / Non‐Empty “”, “” “”, “a” // “a” is almost empty “”, “bob” Non‐Empty / Empty “a”, “” // “a” is almost empty “bob”, “” Non‐Empty / Non‐Empty Successful Match No Previous Partial Match Match At Beginning Match In Middle Match At End “bobby”, “bob” “obobo”, “bob” “ooobob”, “bob” Match At Beginning and End “bob”, “bob” “a”, “a” Previous Partial Match All combinations of the following 3 dimensions (some are impossible): 1. Partial match position (beginning, middle, end) 2. Match position (beginning, middle, end) 3. Relationship between partial match and match (overlapping, adjacent, neither overlapping nor adjacent) Unsuccessful Match No Partial Match Partial Match Partial Match At Beginning Partial Match In Middle Partial Match At End Partial Match At Beginning And End “abcdefg”, “xyz" “box”, “bob” “aboxz”, “bob” “hobo”, “bob” “bo”, “bob” ...
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