Exam 1 Guide for MFG 201

Exam 1 Guide for MFG 201 - Match key ideas people terms...

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Exam Guide for MFG 201 Where: At the Testing Center When: Monday, October 4 – Saturday, October 9 (fee for last day) Identification section (25 points) 5 terms Give two specific and unique identifications for each term Score based on accuracy and how well you have uniquely defined the term so that no other term can meet the same definition Matching section (20 points) 10 questions
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Unformatted text preview: Match key ideas, people, terms, readings with definitions provided Essay question (30 points) Compare and contrast different civilizations we have studied Take home problem (25 points) Will be posted to Brainhoney. You’ll have a week to complete the problem. Click here for any updates to Testing Center hours https://testing.byu.edu/info/center_hours.php...
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