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PHL 200 Friday, 11 November, 11

PHL 200 Friday, 11 November, 11 - are simple entities not...

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PHL 200 Friday, 11 November, 11 -learn Greek technical terms -if you know the good, you don’t sufficiently know all the forms but it is a necessary condition. -good as the first principle -republic 5: distinction between philosophers and lovers of sights and sounds -like light is required for vision… Socrates says our power of exercise is received from and depends on the sun. Like that way, our capacity and our soul’s capacity to apprehend the forms and for knowledge, depends on the good. -509e) You don’t want to take the light as the sun itself as the good as the truth itself. -509b) Sun also allows things to grow. -although the good itself is not an existing being, but a superior thing beyond power; it doesn’t have ousia, but it has existence. While it is the cause of the existence of the forms and ousia, it doesn’t have one itself. The forms stand in need of explanation because they
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Unformatted text preview: are simple entities, not complex entities. They just exist as forms; ontological status as we humans exist as objects. -Form of beauty is not what it is to be just but what it is to be beautiful even if beautiful is justice. (18:00) -forms of justice and beauty; they belong in the same category, same in respect to form; but not in terms of ousia; the virtue of justice is the form of beauty but beauty is not form of justice. They have different ousia and content. GOOD intelligible.(greek: nous) Forms ( episteme )-existence, being. The hypothesy-mathematical objects… thought/dianoia visible (doxa) ordinary objects-images/shadows/imagination-what you’re grasping is not the fact of knowledge but you can only know the form of knowledge...
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