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PHL 200 Friday, 4 November, 11 -just man – just city = analogous to each other, just in the same way -republic 4 372: the city of pigs has different classes too. . does it have auxiliaries too? Rulers? (Possibly, but unclear). -Glaucon proposes a city where there is more luxury; then he needs a way to defend those things. If you have more people, you expand, and with expansion you need more people to defend our city. -In Socrate’s society (good) you wouldn’t need that because no one would want to steal anything form you. -Galucon wants to hear the myth… -inventing myth for the city: to keep different classes in place; bronze people within bronze class, silver with silver, etc, children can be gold, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: -you can be bronze, your husband can be bronze but children may be gold… the children can be taken away to be kept in a group of togetherness.-draw lots of who you sleep with at that year, except some class of people secretly arrange it; conspiracy-3 virtues of the city: 1) Justice –harmony of all-but is harmony a thing in itself? Ref to Phaedo-when is a person just? When there is harmony in his soul. -Just like city; when everything goes harmoniously in what it’s supposed to do; proper functioning/relation. (Republic 4, 434) 2)courage 3) wisdom 4) Temprance-REPUBLIC: the constitution directly translated in English...
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