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PHL200 Monday, 17 October, 11

PHL200 Monday, 17 October, 11 - -qua-concept in so far as...

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PHL200 Monday, 17 October, 11 -Universal concepts are ways of classifying the world in terms of the differences; my concept of student of 200 or use of the universal term student 200 leaves out an account of all the things that are relevant… and just picks out the students as the student of 200; no male, female, tall … in so far as you are students of 200 you are all equal.. -philosophically, ‘equally fall under the concept of 200’; if you think of equality as concept or universal, you’re going to suppose everything falls under the concept of equality; exactly what employ when we talk about equal sticks and stones
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Unformatted text preview: -qua-concept; in so far as- stipulates that inferiority is irrelevant…-Plato represents quality analogous to visual seeing; if I see you, I can judge your quality… more or less deficient…. -Mental seeing: sometimes intuitive; perfectly legitimate to call it an intuition; people often have a suspicion that this is already getting to be mystical and weird…-intuition of inequality?-both ordinary and easy to explain; the kind of seeing we mean is something you do all the time.-Plato:only an immaterial entity can see inequality; we can, so we must be entities-Caution: For Plato,...
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